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At HAMA Media, we are full-service agency for media

research, planning, buying and monitoring. We offer over 12

years of experience in planning and buying multi-media and

multi market advertising campaigns, promotions development

and creative production assistance.

Integrating media strategy, planning, buying, tactics and

negotiations seamlessly across all media sources is a

challenging and delicate task, one for which brand managers

rarely have the bandwidth.

We have extensive media integration experience along the full spectrum of budget sizes. We also have best-in-class partners in the industry and the insider knowledge of where to most efficiently source inventory for each channel.

Our services


Buying media is not always about reaching everyone. It's about reaching and motivating

the right people for your product or service.

Strategic media planning and effective media buying starts with RESEARCH. We

deliver into all quantifiable aspects of our client's target audiences and they benefit from:

  • A more through understanding of media placement recommendations.

  • Stronger confidence in our recommendations.

  • Better response to advertising campaigns.

We're known for being smarter in our approach and implementation of media

assignments because we study audience lifestyles and know their media habits.

We offer smarter, more informed placement decisions to our clients.

Hama Media uses quantitative and qualitative research tools in its stratgic

planning in order to your brand the reach its needs.

Media planning

and buying

In providing market research,

strategic planning and

securing the best rates for any

ad, we have the best tools to

effectively get your marketing

message into the right hands of

your customers.

Working within your budget, we will manage everything from media planning

to securing media placements on a local or national level, through TV, radio,

billboard adcvertising, newspaper, magazine and print advertising.

Throughout your media campaign, we will diligently make sure your media

placement is on target by consistently measuring and sharing your return on

investment, and making the right adjustments when necessary. As digitalRight

technologies and media consumption habits change, so do advertising


Buying media is an art form that requires plenty of intellect and rigid

negotiation skills. One must be across market conditions, current performance

and demand to be able to gain the most competitive rates. Rates and cost

efficiency are issues encountered every day when dealing with the media.

Negotiations of the best rates come down to experience, report with the media

outlets as well as good old influence. With our collective experience and vast

network of resources, we've already gained (and constantly update) the

experience and insight needed to navigate the media, to help you make choices

that meet your budget needs.




To ensure the media services and publications we have developed for our

clients is delivered in accordance to the plan and quality, we have dedicated

and experienced team to conduct and in-depth Media Monitoring of all the media

outlets the publications are made.

This ensures that your media publications are being published and broadcasted

in accordance to the standards that HAMA ensures to provide.

The Media monitoring services include:

  • - Monitoring TV broadcasting of the publications of the clients

  • - Monitoring Radio broadcasts of the client's publications

  • - Monitoring billboard of the client's publications

  • - Monitoring the press publications of the client

This service is also of benefit to ensure that all publications that are done by

third party media for our clients are delivered with quality, timely manner,

according to plan and are glitch and issue free from the process of production

to publication and broadcasting.





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